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On 10th October 2015, the Santa Cruz II took up the baton from its legendary prodecessor, M/V Santa Cruz, and brought with it a chic new way to explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands in style and comfort.  This ship guarantees that the utmost care will be given to the Galapagos Islands by implementing the newest sustainable advances in sailing, thus protecting their delicate ecosystem.
With five spacious desks and gorgeous chic interiors designed by the distinguished ship designer, Richard Nilsson, the Santa Cruz II offers tours that are better than ever. Based on the principle of stylish simplicity, our new vessel guarantees its guests a luxurious ambience from which they can appreciate the breath-taking views of the enchanted islands.

The three decks of Santa Cruz II host 90 guests throughout 50 modern cabins. Guests may choose from a variety of options, which include single, double and family cabins. However, if they desire something more lavish, we also offer the exclusive Darwin Suites, which meet an exceptional standard of accommodation on the boat’s Panorama Deck. These suites provide guests with enhanced service, as well as particularly selected details such as a take-home Galapagos coffee table book and a tablet loan for each cabin.

When they are not exploring the islands’ treasures, guests can kick back in the elegantly designed communal spaces or viewing platforms. These include indoor and outdoor dining, a lounge bar, complete library, two sumptuous hot tubs overlooking the ocean and a gym.

The Santa Cruz II’s Gastronomy Director, Byron Rivera (a graduate of Cordon-Bleu), guides the preparations of our delectable and elegant Ecuadorian and international cuisine. Our menus predominantly feature fresh food such as fish from the surrounding waters, and locally grown fruit and vegetables. Guests have the option of enjoying these meals indoors in the tasteful Beagle Dining Room or outside in the fresh air on the Panorama Deck.

Santa Cruz  offers guests four, five and nine night Galapagos cruises, exploring the Northern, Eastern and Western Islands of the Galapagos. Throughout each of these excursions, seven of our remarkably knowledgeable naturalists will be available to guide visitors, along with an Expedition Leader who is responsible for ensuring that the outings fully exploit the wonders of the Galapagos. We adjust daily expeditions to the personal needs and interests of the guests, with activities ranging from land treks to free-of-charge aquatic activities such as kayaking, snorkelling with sea lions, and glass-bottom boat excursions. All of these are included within the limits of the Galapagos National Park.

On Santa Cruz II, each expedition will be accompanied by seven of exceptionally knowledgeable guides plus an Expedition Leader in charge of making the most of each day’s outings. Activities can be tailored to each guest’s personal interests and range from daily land expeditions to a host of aquatic activities free of charge, including ocean kayaking, snorkelling with sea lions and glass bottom boat expeditions – all of the options permitted by the Galapagos National Park.

We source as much of our food locally as possible – this means freshly caught fish and seafood and organically grown fresh vegetables and fruit, all prepared by a team passionate to provide sybaritic delights through Ecuadorean and international cuisine under the creative lead of our Gastronomic Director, a Le Cordon Bleu chef. Meals are served in the Beagle Dining Room and snacks are served after expeditions, whether in the bar, in the library or on the outdoor terrace, where you can take in the fabulous vistas and marine breezes of the Galapagos. A 24-hour coffee station located in the library provides free coffee, tea, and water.

We have an excellent staff camera with an underwater housing so that we can record guests’ thrilling adventures while in the ocean water. Expedition photos are displayed on the last night of the trip and are uploaded online so that visitors can view and share them as they please.

From the remote but wildlife-filled corners of the archipelago – Española, Fernandina, and Genovesa – to the landmarks of the Central Islands, our Galapagos tours on the Santa Cruz II’s itineraries take in the length and breadth of the Galapagos. Tailored to view as many of the islands’ Galapagos Big15 as possible while meeting National Park rules, all options provide explorers with a safe, active, fun, and educational experience. All include sea lions, marine iguanas, and giant tortoises. Use the chart below the map to see how many of the Galapagos Big15 you will see on each journey.

Combining the Eastern and Western Itineraries will allow visitors to see all of them!

FARES SINCE $ 3.400 up to $ 5.400

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  1. Hello my Ecuador Daddy! I receive in the mail a tour brochure from my alumni college advertising Galapagos Islands 4 nights on Santa Cruz II, 3 nights Quito in Hilton Colon Hotel. The cost for single person (no roommate) is $11,195. There is a pre-side trip to Mashpi Rainforest staying in the Mashpi Ecuador Lodge $3795 for single person. Then there is a post trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley at $4495. Airfare from Quito to Galapagos then to Guayaquil is $600. Taxes for The Santa Cruz II is such a large ship having 50 suites and cabins. This is too large of ship, too many people.

    My dear, you got me the BEST. You are such a good tour guide and stay in my budget. My whole 6 weeks in Ecuador was about $6000. Big hug...

    Glenn Owen